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Join adidas Creators Club and get rewarded

Join adidas creators club and start earning as you spend

How it works is simple – just scan the QR code below on your mobile phone, and create your account before visiting the store. You will receive rewards for creating an account, completing your profile, making a purchase and writing a product review.

Creators Club members earn points by:

Creating an account = 50 points

Completing their profile = 50 points

Making a purchase = 10 points per £1 spend

Writing a product review  = 50 points

Membership levels


0-999 points ( 0 – £99 spend)

*hype access

*creator ID

* personalised content

* Purchase history

* Free returns


1,000 points – 3,999 points  ( £100 – £399 spend)

* Premium Customization

* Special offers

* Birthday Gift

Gamechanger sent a 25% off prom

4,000 – 11,999 points ( £400 – £1,199 spend)

* Free personalization

* Priority Customer Service

* Early access to products

Icon sent a 30% off promo

12,000 points (+£1,200 spend)

* hype priority access

* Runtastic premium

*Special events

Rewards meaning

Hype access – only members can pick up the most limited edition shoes and apparel/

Creator ID   – One unique Id connects all members adidas logins across app’s, services and events

Personalised content – members get only the most relevant content  to their inbox and adidas app.

Purchase history – easily access all adidas purchases in one location

Free Return’s – Return items for free within 30days of purchase. Normal  terms apply

Premium Customization – special access to adidas sneakers, customization materials and colour options

Special offers – special access to the best deals. A 20% off promo code to members when they level up.

Birthday gift – A nice surprise on the members birthday. (usually 15% off)

Early access to products – access to upcoming adidas sneaker aand apparel drops before everyone else.

Free Personalisation – Add names and numbers, flags and more to selected shoes and apparel

Special offer – Members will be sent a 25% off promo code on the day they level up to gamechanger.

Runtastic Premium subscription – Their personal best  gets better with personalised training app’s and nutrition plans.

Special events – Invitations to exclusive adidas parties and events.

Hype priority access – Better odds for the best kicks. Members get increased chance of getting select limited edition sneakers.



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